Resonance Science Foundation (RSF) is a global non-profit organization 501c3 committed to advancing the research and education of unified physics and of all sciences, as well as collaboration with other researchers and inventors to make relevant findings available to the public. RSF provides educational opportunities through Resonance Academy in an effort to empower people with a coherent understanding of these scientific insights and the implications and applications of unified physics in our personal lives and in the world.

RSF’s goal is to inspire people by acknowledging and modelling our interconnectedness, interdependence, and infinite nature in how we work, teach, learn, and explore with integrity and compassion for all life.


Our Vision is in alignment with a worldview of interconnection and wholeness wherein humanity’s technological and social systems are in harmonious relationship with Nature, Earth and the Cosmos. Our principles are based upon a unified view of science that reveals the dynamics of an interconnected Universe and engenders the application of technologies that are in resonance with universal forces.


Our mission is to share the scientific knowledge and insights that arise from a unified view of the dynamics of nature and how they can be applied to every area of human endeavor in support of solving the critical systemic challenges we are facing today.

We Pursue our mission by
  • Conducting research in the fields of science and unified physics with an unwavering focus on following the cues provided by nature to discover its inner workings
  • Developing insights into technologies and applications that apply these discoveries to solving some of humankind’s most fundamental challenges
  • Providing educational opportunities through Resonance Academy

Key Initiatives & Media

Research and Publications

Our goal is to be THE destination for unified science news, articles, media and learning & engagement opportunities.

A bi-monthly email digest of the latest science news and articles is delivered to all RSF subscribers. Featured news and articles are also posted to primary social media channels.

With the rise in unified science research we are looking to increase the number of RSF science contributors in 2017 and provide opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Scientific publications and collaboration opportunities geared towards independent researchers and science professionals are posted on a sister site: - Hawaii Institute of Unified Physics (

The Connected Universe Film

The Connected Universe invites ongoing exploration into the science behind the emerging Connected Worldview. Narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart and featuring the scientific research of award-winning physicist Nassim Haramein, The Connected Universe offers profound scientific insights that will not only change the world but also change YOUR LIFE. People who have watched the film have said that they emerge with a renewed sense of hope and possibility at a time when so many feel disconnected and deeply concerned about our future. We envision this film inspiring a wide audience of people who are ready to begin the shift towards a future of cooperation and vitality. If you’ve seen the film, why not share your testimonial with us?

Resonance Academy

Resonance Academy is an academic community and online learning environment that allows you to explore the science behind the Connected Worldview and the unified field theory alongside physicist Nassim Haramein (Founder and Director of Research at Resonance Science Foundation), Academy faculty, and thousands of forward-thinkers from over 70 countries.

The core curriculum of the Resonance Academy is the Delegate Program: Exploring the Connected Universe. This college-level course is designed to provide a foundational understanding of the field of unified physics. Presented in six modules, this course explores concepts of the holographic perspective and unified model; current and emerging views in physics; historical roots of modern physics; and the critical shift in worldview that unified physics advances, both in consciousness and technological innovation.

Resonance Academy is committed to changing the way you perceive the world and empower you to make an informed and meaningful difference. We achieve that by offering hundreds of hours of thoroughly researched and remarkably potent information including written content, video, audio, LIVE Virtual Events, and more. Visit the Resonance Academy to learn more and enroll today.

Translations of the Delegate Program are currently underway in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.