Autumn 2019

Mayan Mexico Expedition

Join us on this amazing Resonance Mayan Mexico Expedition! Get ready for a real live INDIANA JONES experience along with Nassim Haramein and Delegates from around the world as we explore pyramids, temples, waterfalls, underground tunnels, caves and evidence of ancient technologies. Together we will experience powerful activations with ARK® crystals as well as initiations, ceremonies, group meditations and educational opportunities with faculty, guest hosts and scientists on this magical mission.


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On this expedition we will explore Teotihuacan – where men became Gods – and get a fascinating new perspective from Nassim and our special local guides that are aligned with alternate possibilities.

Then on to Tula – a powerful ancient site and the Cholula Pyramid – the largest pyramid in the world– that's been hidden under vegetation with a church on top.

Included in the tour are gorgeous Oaxaca, Vera Cruz, Monte Alben, Milta and the lost Maya city of Palenque with majestic architecture and archaeological wonders.

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